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Reducing CO2 through improved fuel consumption to help prevent global warming —Based on this concept, we are the first Japanese manufacturers to pay attention to environmental performance.Our challenge has always been to achieve a balance between environmental performance and dry & wet grip force, the basic performance of a tire.Grip force must be improved while reducing rolling resistance.
Finally, we have come up with the answer with “Orange Oil”.“Orange Oil” is combined with natural rubber to create the “Nano Power Rubber” which achieves further fuel efficiency.Earth-1 reflects research findings over a long period of rubber development —To deliver a new dimension of environmental performance to as many drivers as possible.

Earth-1 dedicated Nano Power Rubber is the aggregate of the ECO tire technologies we have developed

Nano Power Rubber is a new compound that further improves fuel efficiency performance and wet braking. A compound of natural rubber and “Orange Oil” ensures high grip force while minimizing rolling resistance in our product line.

Controlling heat necessary for grip at a higher level

Our twin mode concept is to control each tire’s temperature during
hard or normal driving. “Orange Oil” promotes heating at the time
of hard driving when rubber molecules of a tire move vigorously,
achieving a balance between the reduction of rolling resistance
and good grip force.

The effect of the “twin mode” is further enhanced by the “Orange Oil” compound.

“Orange Oil” achieves higher elasticity of the rubber to hold
the road, improving frictional force. When some grip is necessary,
on the other hand, it plays a role in causing the rubber to heat.
As a result, the “Orange Oil Compound Nano Power Rubber”
further improves the twin mode employed in our conventional
ECO tire, increasing a tire’s ability to contribute to the environment.

Allowing rubber to hold the road more elastically improves fictional force.

"Orange Oil" that penetrates and settles into the rubber, making the tire surface elastic so that the rubber holds onto minute projections of the road at a micro level. Enlarging the ground contact area improves frictional force and ensures grip force. "Orange Oil" also promotes the heating of rubber during hard driving.
Further, it plays a role in controlling the twin mode according to driving conditions.

Newly-designed round profile controls upthrust from the road.

Earth-1 employs a unique profile with a round shoulder.
The shoulder supporting the entire tire is likely to receive the most impact from the road. Therefore, the new profile optimizes
the grounding shape to release force concentrated at the shoulder. In addition, homogenized contact pressure efficiently disperses impacts from the road, enhancing the vibrational absorption of the entire tire and improving driving comfort.